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Volume 12 · 12/12/21 - 12/18/21 · Last week

Trading post prices

Price movers

Item 7 day
1. Silver ingot 192%
2. Timber 120%
3. Aged wood 99%
4. Green wood 89%
5. Silver ore 63%

Crafting multiples

Item Mult
1. Stone block 5.9x
2. Coarse leather 4.1x
3. Timber 3.0x
4. Iron ingot 2.6x
5. Linen 2.4x

Most volatile

Item Vol
1. Iron ingot 59%
2. Crossweave 53%
3. Coarse leather 50%
4. Iron ore 50%
5. Infused fur 37%
12/18/21 · Heliopolis

Week's top news

New World Winter Convergence event

December Patch & Winter Event

Amazon Games announced major changes to the end game high water mark system, introducing the new Expertise and Gypsum systems. Each gear slot will now have an expertise level, which can be increased by Gypsum Casts.
Amazon Games

New World archer player

Server Merge Schedule

Server mergers are finally here. Amazon Games posted the full schedule for all merges in the official New World forums. Most merged servers will contain the players of four to six individual servers.
Amazon Games

New World Northern lights

Guide to the Winter Convergence

BDLG, from newworldfans.com, wrote a thorough guide to the new Winter Convergence event. Included are locations to the winter villages and ice caves, the list of quests, and items available as you move up rank.

Benchmarking hardware for New World

Benchmarking Every Setting

New World is an extremely demanding game on hardware. ALBU benchmarked every setting in the game to test its effects on framerates and CPU and GPU temperatures and utilization.

Dueling New World players

Server-wide Duel Tournament

Atvabar, the server, held a server-wide duel tournament for 1v1 (5k gold prize), 2v2 (10k gold), and 5v5 (10k gold) players. In this reddit thread, a few screenshots are shared and more details about the successful event.

600 gear score pickaxe

Best-in-Slot Pickaxe?

Check out this 600 gear score, 850% gather speed pickaxe, with perks of: Prospector's Discipline, Mining Yield, and Mining Luck. If this isn't the best-in-slot pickaxe, it's close, and would sell for tens of thousands of gold.

Loot from fishing chest

Opening 1,000 Fishing Chests

Enjoy watching this speed opening of 1,000 fishing chests that bulldosia saved up. Afterwards, his inventory is filled with tons of gems and ingots, which he sold at the trading post for about 5,000 gold.

Gypsum infographic

Gypsum Infographic

There's eight different types of gypsum in the new expertise system, which might be overwhelming, so febgarcia11 created an easy-to-read infographic listem them and their uses. Each type requires a different amount for an orb.

Playing New World on a phone

Playing New World on a Phone

Utilizing Steam Remote Play and an Xbox controller, Pierr0x managed to reliably play New World on his phone. The game has the same smooth gameplay as his desktop, which he mirrors in the background.

New World house with Asian furnishings

Asian Inspired House

QuanWick, from server Lagado, shows off his Asian inspired house, complete with rare furniture and art pieces found farming chests in the Ebonscale region. The house is one of the most realistic shared to date.

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